A New Tool Has Been Created For VET Students To Improve Their Entrepreneurship Skills

Life-long learning provides chances to catch the best opportunities in career and build a better world around you! Especially if one is a new resident in a country and needs to take some important steps in a more successful integration. A new innovative coatching methodology has been developed for students to increase the chances of creating successful enterprises..  This year one hundred and twenty VET students will be invited to learn about entrepreneurship and improve their business English skills with thus the new tool. The project will take place in Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece and The United Kingdom.

The focus on the regions

The European project “Self-regenerate” and the new tool are based on four bridges: learn about your region, ambitions to be an entrepreneur, how to be an entrepreneur in my own region and self reflection. It will support students to test their entrepreneurship and English knowledge through practical classes and real life situations.

The first bridge will help VET students to understand their regions and it’s opportunities.  There is one more very important goal in this stage – to self-employ.  Participants will also learn ways of attracting funding and how to involve local networks for development of new businesses.

The second bridge will help to improve skills of marketing, sales and finance which should lead to a better understanding of business growth. In the third bridge participants will be introduced to global entrepreneurship: participants will learn ways of pitching their ideas in international events, how to work in a team, how to conduct meetings and many more practical hints. The fourth bridge is based on leadership and self-regeneration.

This tool will enable the students to become entrepreneurs that can revitalise their peripheral region. The manuals will be part of the online platform and shared during the multiple events so more students can access the material from any background.

Students already tested the tool in pre-pilot

Last summer the new methodology was already tested by students from a lot of different countries. VET students participated in pre-pilot sessions and shared their feedback on how to improve the tool.

„I started to think differently. I  thought I could only work for someone else. Now I feel like I can start a business for myself”, – shares Monica from Uganda. Marco from The Netherlands is also surprised about the value of this tool: “These activities are more fun than the generic English courses we get, plus I get to learn something completely different about business“. In January twenty VET students will be invited to participate in trainings. They will receive business coaching during the pilot of this output in Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece and The United Kingdom. It aims at creating a practical methodology for VET students that combines entrepreneurship coaching and business English to enable students to create their own enterprises locally and expanding their horizons and also becoming successful international entrepreneurs.