Self-Employment and English for Peripheral Regions


and English

for Peripheral


SELF REGENERATE project aims at creating a practical methodology for VET (Vocational Education and Training) that combines entrepreneurship coaching and business English to enable students to create their own enterprises locally and expanding their horizons, becoming successful international entrepreneurs.

This methodology combines the Bridge Model and business English. The Bridge model supports entrepreneurs to go through the four steps of start-up business. Business English skills play an important role in upskilling the students to create international and sustainable enterprises.

SELF-REGENERATE has two objectives:

  • increasing the capacity of VET students to create more successful enterprises, thus enabling them to become economic drivers of their regions
  • increasing the capacity of VET institutions to provide practical and real enterprise support.

During the project lifecycle, the consortium will develop the Curriculum & Trainer’s Manual to let trainers become expert enterprise and business English coaches, the Training Manual for Learners to let students become local entrepreneurs, and an e-learning platform with practical exercises in “English and Enterprise” as well as an e-learning community with multimedia contents and open education resources.